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Conference Schedule

From the Washington State Department of Health:
As of March 12, 2022, statewide mask requirements in are transitioning to mask recommendations for many Washington state indoor settings.
You will also no longer be required to show proof of vaccination to attend the event.


Group 1 FRI 4/29/22 7:00 am– 8:30 am
301 Schwinn® Cycling: Work Not Twerk – Results with Rhythm with Helen Vanderburg
302 Welcome to the Jungle – StairMaster® HIIT with Doris Thews
303 Pilates Mat Exercises To Enhance Your Movement Experiences with Staci Alden
304 Alignment, The Missing Link For Optimal Client and Student Results with Leslee Bender
305 Sensory-Based Balance Training with Dr. Emily Splichal
306 FAI®: Exercise Program Design for the 55+ Client with Dr. Dan Ritchie
307 4 Keys to ACCELERATING Your Online Fitness Business with Rodney Morris
308 Acquapole® with Andrea Velazquez

Group 2 FRI 4/29/22 8:45 am-10:15 am
309 Schwinn® Cycling: Polishing Diamonds – How to Create a Successful Cycling Mentoring Program with Doris Thews
310 Your Brain on HIIT – Bonus Benefits of High Intensity Training – StairMaster® with Janelle Veteri
311 Happy Hour At The Barre with Tricia Murphy Madden & Lauren George
312 WARRIOR Strength™ with Ellen de Werd
313 FAI®: How to Launch or Jumpstart your business in 2022! with Dr. Dan Ritchie
314 Top Foods for a Healthy Gut Microbiome with Bruce & Mindy Mylrea
315 S’WET™ Boot Camp with Katy Coffey

FRI PANEL 4/29/22 10:30 am-11:30 am
316 Collaboration over Competition with Staci Alden, Adia Callahan, Rebecca Garity Pinto, Jason Schneider & Doris Thews

Group 3 FRI /4/29/22 12:30 pm-2:00 pm
317 Schwinn Cycling®: Master Your One – Rule Yourself & Rock Your Room with Helen Vanderburg
318 Breaking the Core with Tyler Valencia
319 Best Buns and Leg Exercises on the Planet with Mindy Mylrea
320 DancePowered Masterclass with Jennifer Cepeda
321 Healing Trauma with Yoga with Kim Gray
322 Mastering the Anchor Point with Chris Severs
323 Launch, Grow, and Elevate your Brand! with Rodney Morris
324 Liquid Star with Andrea Velazquez & Yvette Class

Group 4 FRI 4/29/22 2:30 pm-4:00 pm
325 Schwinn® Cycling: A DJ Saved My Life:  The Secret to Savvy Playlists with Jason Schneider
326 Purpose NOT Circus – Legit HIIT – StairMaster® with Doris Thews
327 Pilates Principles for Personal Trainers with Staci Alden
328 Your Core – Where Science Meets Function with Leslee Bender
329 Feet, Fascial and Functional Movement with Dr. Emily Splichal
330 Connecting with Resistance with Chris Severs
331 The Aquatic Anomaly with Andrea Velazquez
332 AquaFIITcation with Katy Coffey

Group 5 FRI 4/29/22 4:30 pm–6:00 pm
333 Schwinn® Cycling:  Dry-Tri:  Beast Mode Fusion. with Doris Thews
334 Strength and Tone with Phil Berry
335 Get it from the Ground with Dan McDonogh
336 Zumba® with Madalene Aponte
337 Fascia + Function with Helen Vanderburg
338 Ground Forces with Anchored Resistance with Chris Severs
339 6 Secrets to Converting Your Network into Clients with Rodney Morris
340 Acquapole® Strong Circuit with Andrea Velazquez & Yvette Class

FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY 4/29/22 7:00 pm
The 3 C’s of a Great Class Experience with Tricia Murphy Madden & Lauren George
     Light hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar available.

Group 6 SAT 4/30/22 7:00 am– 8:30 am
341 Schwinn® Indoor Cycling:  Ride or Die:  Killer Vibe to Connect with your Tribe with Janelle Veteri
342 Nautilus Strength – Does size REALLY matter? with Jason Schneider
343 Core Off The Floor with Rebecca Garity Pinto & Amanda Scales
344 50 Unique Core Lovers Exercises with Tricia Murphy Madden & Mindy Mylrea
345 YogaLean with Kim Gray
346 Neuro Cross Training – a Theory of Holistic Resistance Training with Chris Severs
347 Time by Design with Shannon Fable
348 AquaFIIT – Power of Ω with Katy Coffey

Group 7 SAT 4/30/22 8:45 am-10:15 am
349 Schwinn® Cycling:  F.E.A.R. Face Everything and RIDE with Doris Thews
350 Basic Movement Assessments for Cardio Modalities by Star Trac with Jason Schneider
351 HIIT The Ballet with Vicki Hatch-Moen
352 Introduction to Brain. Breath. Barefoot with Dr Emily Splichal
353 Self Anchored Loop Bands for Personal and Group Training with Chris Severs
354 It’s You… No… Really. How To Get Professionally “Unstuck” and Out of Your Own Way! with Rodney Morris
355 Drum Vibes with Andrea Velazquez

SAT PANEL 4/30/22 10:30 am-11:30 am
356 Take Control of Your Career with Shannon Fable, Dan McDonogh, Rodney Morris & Tricia Murphy Madden

Group 8 SAT 4/30/22 12:30 pm-2:00 pm
357 Schwinn® Cycling:  Set the Stage: Planning the Perfect Ride Every Time with Jason Schneider
358 Strength and Tone with Phil Berry
359 Move Better: Enhance Strength through Increased Mobility and Activation with Dan McDonogh
360 Tabata Bootcamp™ with Mindy Mylrea
361 WARRIOR Rhythm™ with Ellen de Werd
362 FAI® Power Training for Older Adults, How to Safely Train for Power and Speed with Dr. Dan Ritchie
363 Building and Sustaining Community Through Strategic Events with Staci Alden
364 S’WET™ Challenge with Katy Coffey

Group 9 SAT 4/30/22 2:30 pm-4:00 pm
365 Schwinn® Cycling: Pedal N Pulse with Mindy Mylrea
366 “Toning” is NOT a Thing. WORK is Part of Work Out! – Nautilus with Jason Schneider
367 Fierce Fight Club with Rebecca Garity Pinto & Amanda Scales
368 Let The Beat Drop with Lauren George   369 YogaCore with Kim Gray
370 FAI®: Balance Training Games and Circuits with Dr.  Dan Ritchie
371 How to Become a 10-Minute Social Media Pro with Rodney Morris
372 Liquid Gym Tool Kit with Andrea Velazquez & Yvette Class

Group 10 SAT 4/30/22 4:30 pm–6:00 pm
373 Schwinn® Cycling: Breathy Not Breathless – Base-Building Threshold Training with Jason Schneider
374 Breaking Barriers Involved with Exercise Selection with Tyler Valencia
375 Body-camp with Adia Callahan
376 Dance Club with Medora Cesarano
377 Pelvic Floor & Postural Stability with Dr. Emily Splichal
378 FAI® Functional Aging Training Model and Why your Clients Over 40 Need this Approach with Dr. Dan Ritchie
379 Transition to a Plant-Based Diet with Bruce & Mindy Mylrea
380 Tabata H20 with Katy Coffey